4 real stories about interracial couples: how people meet each other online!


Everyone even once in life heard about magical stories of relationships which started at a particular moment. Today we are going to offer you four stories which began online, and the main heroes are going to be interracial couples. These stories are going to be a good motivation and the stimulus for everyone who still afraid to start relationships with someone.

Lisa and Andrew

This story started five years ago. Lisa was a typical Afro-American girl, and when she was 16 years old, she moved to NY. During all her life she felt lonely, and the only one dream was to find someone who could understand all the thoughts which were inside her head. Andrew was a typical European man with the financial education and useful perspectives in his business. His life was accompanied by people who can’t understand his wished and targets. As a result, he felt lost. Both of them already started to realize that they are the only one persons in this world and it is impossible to find someone else with the same wishes and dreams. One day their ways met online, and it happened pretty sudden. Both of them installed interracial dating app and searched. She made it to the Europe as the primary target, and he chose NY city. They fell in love with the first sign, and these strange feelings make them started a conversation. After two days of communication, Andrew got a chance to visit NY on a business trip. It was an excellent chance to see her in real life and check the feelings. She met him at the airport, and it was the first day of their next period of growth. The attraction which they felt from the screen of their gadgets turned into the real love. The first touch, the first kiss made everything, and now they are happy together. Andrew opened the business in NY, and Lisa becomes his partner. So, love of two people from different continents turned into stable relationships, and you should know that this example tells us that it doesn’t matter where you are living now. Everything is possible, and there are no barriers in the way of real love.

Chloe and Max

Chloe was an American woman with two children from her first marriage. She was living in a small town without any hope that everything will be fine. She was a lonely woman who loved children, but there still was an empty place in her heart which should belong to some man. It was a small town, and that’s why all the tries to find someone without internet were useless. At the same time, she felt that all men in her village are too rude for her. This fact made her decide interracial dating sites use. After two days of app use, she found Max’s page. He was a single father of two daughters, and he was a real reflection of her life. The only one problem they had – the distance. Max lived in Australia, but both of them already felt that it is their destiny and they should ruin all the issues on the way to their happiness. One day after an extended period of talks and messages, Max understood that he should make the first real step. He took kinds and flew to America. It was Chloe’s birthday, which becomes to be the first day of their life in together. Now, after five years from the moment of their first real date, Chloe still remember this day, when she got the best birthday present ever.

Samantha and Kunal

She lived in a Europe but always knew that her father was born in Africa. She has always felt a strange connection with Africa, but it wasn’t easy to explain. It wasn’t easy to tell, but her relationships with men weren’t simple, and one day she decided to make a conversation with someone from Africa. She installed the app and found some guy. His name was Kunal, and he lived in Senegal. His story was fascinating too. His mother wasn’t African woman. One day she came to Senegal, and his father married her. He was always wondered to understand his mother’s culture and one day he met her. Their interests were too familiar, and after a year of talks, they decided to meet somewhere halfway between each others’ houses. As you already can suppose, the day of their first date was the first day of their entire life in together.

Marina and David

She was a pure Russian girl, and he was a student who came in Moscow on holidays. He remembered that he had an interesting conversation online in his interracial dating app and he decided to use this chance. It was just a friendly dinner, and both of them forgot about that. After two years Marina visited David’s native city and sudden she meet him at the street. Both of them decided that it is the sign of destiny and they were right. This year it will be ten anniversary of their family life.

So, as you can see, the simple app can change your life. Don’t be scared to use that.


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