Questions about your family and their reaction to your interracial couple.


Every one of us has some special factors in his personal life, which influences our choice. Family is one of the most important one of them. It is a group of people that are blood related, who play a special role. People with the strongest influence are always parents. They gave you the gift of life and it is very logical for you to care about their opinion, especially if you think that their life experience is pretty rich. The thing is that sometimes parents, from their accumulated experience, can find new non-thought of features for your specific situation and give you a smart piece of advice. This means that they can help you open your eyes, in some circumstances, and explain some possible effects of your decisions. But, at the same time, different generations can’t possibly have the same line of understanding. World changes and this process is unstoppable. The thing is that, sometimes, the lack of modern life routine understanding can bring the wrong attitude. As a result, parents can’t react correctly to your decisions. So, today we are going to discuss how to make your parents accept your interracial relationships.

Why it is important to get the agreement

The thing is that in case your parents are a source of authority for you, this means that you can feel connected to their point of view. Parents always worry about their children’s lives; and, it is important to make them know that you are fine. Relationships are an important step in your life; and, in case it is serious, you should introduce your chosen one to your family. If your next step is going to be marriage, you should always remember traditions. Marriage means that a new person is coming into your family. It is always a kind of stress, but in case this person has some differences, it can bring double the pressure. So, it would be important to prepare your family and create a kind of a plot for their first meet.


There are some steps, which you should create before the first meet of your partner and family will be done.

So, here they are:

  • You should make a kind of reconnaissance about their reaction.

In case you are an Afro-American and your chosen girl is white, it will be interesting to learn the reaction of your parents about other similar couples. For example, in case your parents have such couples as neighbors, just ask them about their attitude. This will help you get the preliminary base for the coming steps.

  • Explain your attitude.

Don’t talk, abruptly, that you found your love on interracial lesbian dating sites, especially if they didn’t know about your sexual orientation or about other features of your preferences. Just explain to your family how you feel about interracial relationships and how amazing they can be. This speech should consist only of advantages. You should prepare a kind of a list for them. In fact, it is true how such kinds of relationships always bring a lot of advantages. Share this with your family.

Active phase

When you learn everything that your parents think about when it comes to interracial couples, start preparing for the next step: acquaintance. It should consist of some steps too. They are:

  • preparation of perfect circumstances;
  • positive influence;
  • pieces of evidence of profit.

1) Preparation of perfect circumstances means that this piece of news should be introduced in a perfect place which brings relaxation. It would be perfect if you will choose your home; because, it is the place that brings both comfort and coziness. It should be accompanied by a classic dinner; and, in case we are talking about interracial first meeting with the parents, then, part of the dishes should be made with the classic rules of the first partner’s culture. Another one will be prepared based on the preference of the second partner’s culture. Of course, it is important to make everything perfect; and, in case if your partner can’t cook, you probably have opportunities to order dishes at a restaurant. Accompany dinner with lounge music and just plan your speech.

2) You should explain what is the actual positive influence of these relationships to you. In case if you were too lonely, just make your parents understand that this is your soulmate, and this person makes your life full of joy. The point is to make parents understand that now you are happy. Most of them would be happy to hear such words from their children and after the visual accompaniment, the full positive impression will be achieved.

3) At the same time, your family should know about perspectives of your relationships. You can make a target which could be based on the parent’s wish. For example, in case they are dreaming about grandchildren, just make a reference that their dreams could come true.

Conversation questions

The actual conversation is the most difficult part of all this performance. You partner should be ready to answer all the questions your parents could ask. So, you should prepare a list of stop-themes and signals for conversation. You partner should know what the taboo topics ad words are; and, in case something goes wrong, it should be possible to make a signal and stop the conversation from going downhill.

Anyway, your partner should show that his intentions are pretty serious; and, humor with an honest smile is the best way to open their  heart to you.

So, as you can see, parent’s attitude about your partner is pretty important. In case you have time for preparations, everything is going to be fine. But, you should remember that your happiness is important too; and, in case your parents’ points of view about your couple are not the same as yours, it is never too late to prove that you were right.


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