The best and the worst countries for interracial couples to live ever.


When an interracial couple appears, there is one more question which should be solved. We are talking about the choice of where they will end up living. It is important because not all countries and regions offer the same conditions. As you know, interracial couples refers to the union of two different races. As a result, it is a kind of conflict between two words with their own habits, traditions, religion etc. Sometimes it is not easy to find a compromise at all; but, in case of an additional society pressure, it can be getting worse. The main idea is to choose your neighborhood because that would be the people that will live around you during a long period of time. Just imagine that, every single day, when you will leave your home, condemning views are going to be around you. It is a real pressure on your mental system; and, you can’t be harsh enough to live with that. As the result, under the pressure of other people, it is easy to lose even your relationships. So, you should always remember that your love is special; and, most of the people around you are still not ready to accept it. It doesn’t mean that they are angry. But, society can be afraid of everything new. So, your new version of a relationship brings them fear and their reaction can be explained by the basic psychological science. Today, we are going to observe all the opportunities and places to live which are going to be perfect for an interracial couple.

Best countries for interracial love

i- Canada.
The lands of this beautiful country which situates in North America, were always open for people from all around the world. Someone who can’t find his own place in this world and have no place to live, was always able to ask for shelter in this country. As a result, modern society consists of many races. People live close to each other for many years; and, a wide diversity of nations are born and raised to politeness and tolerance. Today, it doesn’t matter where you are from; because, people in Canada even voted to erase the“nationality” from the passport. It is easy to suppose that their attitude to interracial couples is amazing. This country will give you a chance to forget about judgment and just enjoy your life.

– Australia.
This country is very tolerant too. The thing is that every 4th human in Australia is a foreigner. Some tests showed that, more than half of people have foreign roots. So, people in this country understand  how they can judge other people, when their own history belongs to the foreign lands. Last research found that only 4% of people can’t accept the fact that their neighbors are foreigners. So, you can guess that people are very tolerant, and always welcoming for interracial couples.

– Sweden.
More than 1/5 of all its population is presented by foreigners. People in this country offer the best opportunities for the assimilation of an inter-racial relationship. In Sweden, there will be no judgment due to the fact that your couple consists of two different races. Black people in this country never think about how to date a white woman; because, it is a normal practice and no one will ever think about differences just because of the skin color.

Worst countries for interracial love

– Russia.
It is official that Russia is against the same-sex marriages, at a government level. At the same time, interracial couples are under the pressure too. There are many reasons and now we will try to explain them. First of all, the population of Russia, during all its history, had no experience in this matter. It is a completely new concept for them. As a result, traditional relationships in couples turned into destiny; and, all differences suffer from judgment. At the same time, skin color matters. In case if Asian women and Russian man will create a couple, society could demonstrate tolerance. But at the same time, if we are talking about black and white couple, it will always be under the microscope. Another reason is the historical factor. Black people rarely lived in this lands and their appearance is something special for the indigenous population.

– Hong Kong.
Tests showed that more than 71% of people in Hong Kong don’t want to see foreigners as the neighbors. It shows their level of tolerance to other races. So, in case if two different races were involved as a couple on these lands, they are going to be accompanied with society’s aggressive behavior.

Special communities

Today interracial couples have one other interesting opportunity. It is living in closed communities. It is not easy to find information about them because the main target is to keep their place in a secret. It is a kind of neighborhood that appears with only one target – to protect people from aggressive influence. This practice helps keep the couple; and, save microclimates inside relationships. Society is the main reason of interracial couple’s divorces; it is official. People can’t live with the pressure; and, as a result, they decide to ruin their love just because it can’t exist in their society. But what if all your neighbors could be the same as you?! It is the easier way to eradicate judgment; and, even find friends who deal with the same problem.

So, as you can see, interracial couples always meet aggressive behavior and problems throughout their lives just because of they are facing a society that is no ready for them. It is pretty sad. If you have the desire and opportunities to change your life, there are many places on Earth where it is possible to live without any judgment. Just make sure that your love deserves that and you will find the way to support your relationships.


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