What kinds of interracial stereotypes could turn into a problem!


Today, we are going to discuss one interesting theme related to interracial relationships. It appeared because of the differences that we can find in different cases. Sometimes, the couple, that consists of two different races, could suffer from a misunderstanding. In that case, the only one way to address it is to disregard all known stereotypes. Work hard to learn what the real personality of your partner is. So, today we are going to address this method. It will help you find balance in interracial couples.

Stereotypes are about majority, but not about every single person

First of all, you should understand that such things like stereotypes never have any real proofs. The classic example of a stereotype is that all black men love basketball. Even if all the black men you met in your life loved this kind of sport, your partner could be different. So, by mentioning this ‘finding of yours’, you could end up hurting his feelings .

Relying on stereotypes always brings:

  • The wrong attitude to your partner:

If you partner realizes that your attention, reaction, and whole behavior is based on common stereotypes, he might get disappointed. It means that you are interested, not in his personality, but, in his race. This is the kind of behavior that ruins the opportunity to being interested in each other. It messes up the chance to meet as two different people. It would manifest as a relationship, which are based on attraction to some cultures. But, who wants to play the role of a puppet in another man’s hands?! So, even in case you are interested in someone’s race, at first, you need to control your stereotypes. This will keep your relationship in good terms.

  • The lack of respect:

Stereotypes appears to be both the embodiment of most common facts, and, the composition of wild guesses. So, resorting to stereotypes, it will only mean that there is no respect in your attitude to the man. You should delete them from your mind; because, they are the first reason of having a bad start. They always put one of the partners in a superiority role. This is not acceptable in a relationship.

  • The impossibility to learn the real situation:

In case if stereotypes were already created in your mind; it would not be easy to understand the real situation. Your attitude to another man will be accompanied by filters from your mind. It will disturb you to realize the reality. As a result, it would not be easy to understand the real attitude of another person.

Most common stereotypes and their harm

Now, let us explain the most common stereotypes about different races and problems, common in relationships. Here is just a few of them

1) White people Stereotypes:

  • always rich;
  • successful;
  • very patient;
  • travel a lot;
  • know foreign languages;
  • racists.

Harm – it is important to understand that all stereotypes bring real problems. The first thing is that most people who have such white-people stereotypes, always think of Europeans. The reality is that white people can come from all parts of the planet. They can’t all be the same and equal. Anyway, if you think that the typical white individual is someone from Europe; then, it is a huge problem too. White men can be from anywhere. Just because they are white does not mean that they are all the same. Their mentality can be different. For example, It would be impossible to make any comparisons between a white man from Europe and someone from Australia.

2) Black people Stereotypes:

  • love sports;
  • don’t have money;
  • no education;
  • big family;
  • drugs;
  • rap songs;
  • love sex.

Harm: The biggest problem is that some white people’s attitude to black people is based on the periods of slavery. They believe that those black men are not educated, rude and can never become more than just blue-collar workmen. In case one of the thought-of stereotype is that black people are always interested in getting high; the situation can be disastrous. Racism exists even in countries without black people. The distance and impossibility to make one’s own conclusion  brings misunderstanding.

3) Asian people Stereotypes:

  • too smart;
  • bad in bed;
  • eat insects.

Harm: people are always afraid of relationships with Asian people because their behavior can be very different from others. Lacking the knowledge of Asian culture will always bring problems into any relationship. The typical quiet behavior can’t help ruin them.

4) Latinas Stereotypes:

  • always too emotional;
  • hunting for money;
  • drugs.

Harm: The main problem concerns relationships with American people. The problems of the illegal border-crossing dilemma, along with political influences, always bring negative ideas.

So, as you can see, there are many faced problems when relying on stereotypes. Even if they end up representing some kind of a truth, this does not mean that they can be reflected in every single person and partner. So, stay steer from them.

Shake off all your wrong stereotypes about different races.

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So, as you can see, stereotypes are always restricting. It is important to fight them and shake them off your head. What world we would be living in if every one of us has the chance to meet people from around the world. How exciting would it be to learn about the real life of different nations.


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